With the brands The People Rep, Corso Da Vinci, Athl Dpt. and Du&Ka, Proxima Group works with the sole mission to create collections for men, women and children specially designed for large distributions and organized retail chains!!.
Our products are distinguished by style and attention to detail thus ensuring high sale volumes through continuous investment in research and development, while maintaining the highest levels of competition prices wise.
Our main strength is a constant focus on research and development of new trends.
Siretessile-Proxima is an industrial group which operates in the textile industry since over 30 years and over the years has gained a leading position internationally.

The company is still growing and its success is based on  characteristics of quality, reliabilty and honesty.

Durability and Reliability

A significant know-how and quality control of the entire production chain, from the raw cotton to the packaging, moving from spinning and weaving. A wide and flexible production capacity, which makes it possible to be truly close to the customer, not only in terms of geography but also in terms of service and logistics.

A structure with branches and offices in all strategic areas: Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan, which ensures maximum control of product's quality and safety in the delivery times and, most importantly, compliance with the conditions and dignity of labor in each production site.

Service for all types of customers

A team really capable of dealing with the many logistical needs, in harmony with the complex and high professionalism of the retail trade. Always ready to deliver what is wanted and required, for the greater satisfaction of the final consumer.

A Research and Development division, which anticipates trends and is constantly creating new products, often in close contact with the customer.


We confirm our commitment to meet the highest standards in terms of ethics and business integrity, as specified in the Code of Conduct.

Spring Summer 2020

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